Amanda Coltman

left marks

I found myself unexpectedly living in Bury after having to move in with family due to a fire at my house which left us pretty much homeless. So i was fed up , stressed , eating rubbish , (which made me feel rubbish) and not really exercising. I knew i needed to get back on track , stop feeling sorry for myself and look forward. For me the way to do that is by eating well and exercising. This always made me feel better mentally and physically. So i got on the internet and started looking for classes or a gym to join.I saw Rev Fit and went and saw Adam P. I was really impressed by what he had to say and felt that this was really what i needed and the focus i was looking for . I had to think hard about the price as i am a student after a change of career two years ago . I went away and looked at other gyms but NONE had the ambition , passion and motivation that the trainers at Rev Fit have. I stopped thinking about the price and thought about the benefits . For me it wasn’t just about loosing weight but more about feeling good about myself inside and out and i can honestly say i have never looked back.

In the past i have used gyms , personal trainers and attended classes but none of them come close this concept , and the guys ( and Emily) at Rev Fit. They are always on hand for advise and always have time for you , even if the questions might seem stupid . The sessions are the best i have ever been too , they really make you work hard and don’t take any excuses , but its fun and in 45 minutes your done. None of this 90 minutes in the gym but only doing 20 minutes work . At Rev Fit its quality thats counts , you get there , work hard and get out. The sessions are always mixed up and never the same keeping it fresh , making your body constantly readapt and work harder. The main thing i have noticed is that the members are always happy , friendly and smiling. Usually when you walk into a gym most people have their head down and don’t speak . But not at Rev Fit we enjoy what we do , it might hurt but we are a team and get on with it .

The concept Adam P and the team have developed is the best around , you have to put the work in , but they give you all the tools and support you need to get results , it improves your health mentally as well as physically ,, IT WORKS and gave me back the focus i needed to get on with life. I just wish they did student discount (LOL)


Right Marks