Angie Johnson

left marks

Emily asked me to write a testimonial about my last few months at Rev Fit. At first I thought it would be easy, but I found it much more difficult to actually put into words how I felt about my transformation.

It was difficult for me to admit how out of shape I had gotten. It was easy to hide because I still fit into my clothes. “Skinny fat” is the term that comes to mind – a state that can be maintained with decent genetics and okay eating habits, both of which I luckily had. But having a 10-year-old who alternates between Jui Jitsu, gymnastics, and kick boxing classes, and a husband who leads daily physical training classes for his coworkers in addition to also attending Jui Jitsu classes, means I have to work to keep up. I have to work HARD.

My initial motivation for coming to Rev Fit was a realization that my waistline had spread. Let’s be honest, I no longer could see an actual waistline. I thought it was because my hips were small. Then I got real with myself and said no, that ain’t it. I had two formal events on the horizon and I needed to fit back into dresses that I had worn years before. That was going to be a problem.

I was also dealing with the usual aches, pains, and symptoms related to menopause and being over 50 – those things that women of a certain age must all deal with. My husband watched me going through it, making suggestions along the way but always feeling like he couldn’t really do anything to help. Finally he said, “Angie, why don’t you just invest the time and money and go back to working out regularly. You always feel better when you do.”

When I finally said yes to Rev Fit, and completely committed to attending sessions three days per week, it was a turning point. All the trainers made it enjoyable and not nearly as painful as I expected. They encouraged me so much and made me feel immediately part of the family. The other clients at Rev Fit were just lovely and I enjoyed getting to know them as we sweat together at each session. Now I’m inspired to attend 4-6 sessions a week and I’m looking forward to weighing in at the start of December to see how much more progress I’ve made thanks to the Rev Fit clan. You all are Crushing It!


Right Marks