Antonia King

left marks

Forced to give up exercise after lower back pain became too much 18 months ago. I came to terms with the loss of tone and shape, but ARM CELLULITE …. that was the breaking point! I joined a gym, went to the classes, but the pain came back. The instructors were more interested in finishing the exercise set to the beat of the music than they were in my form or pain. I became demotivated and just stopped going.

I heard about Rev Fitness from various sources, all of them telling me how different they were, how it was like being part of a family and mainly how much the instructors cared.

Well, 2 months in, I am back to playing tennis, I have started running again and I can goblet squad with the best of them and no back pain anywhere. Adam and the team have been amazing, adjusting my weights, checking and rechecking my position, adapting exercises if they were deemed too stressful for my back. The support is never just in the gym and during the workout, it is there all the time via emails and messages to check nothing hurts, to congratulate me on effort put in, to give me ideas for meals or just food for thought on clean living in general. It’s not only Adam and his team who offer support, it’s every member of Rev Fitness, genuinely everyone wants the best for each other. It’s a team, a family, a way of life.


Right Marks