Ashley Jackson

left marks


“Okay, here goes I just wanted to say a few words about Rev, where I was, how I found you and what it means to me now. I do waffle on so apologies in advance!

So I thought life was pretty good yeah I was overweight and pretty unfit but had a good job, easy and very sociable life too!
I’d lost weight on slimming world and weight watchers and of course put it all back on, but kept saying it wasn’t the end of the world.

Then the s##t hit the fan, my dad had a seizure on the 30th march 2014, was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor a couple of days later, it took hold fast and he passed away on the 10th may, 6 weeks later. I took control of everything as my mum passed in 1990 and to stop waffling it all got too much and I had a meltdown the following year!

I put on more weight and drank too much vino, in Nov 2015 on a girly annual Xmas shopping trip I had a heart to heart about things just by luck with the lovely Lynn McLaughlin (Rev member) She told me about this place and how good it was and did I want to have a chat with Adam.P, I said yes of course, I’d started doing a few gym classes so felt I should move things forward.

Poor Adam I waffled away as I do and set up my first session so excited to start, to say it was a shock to my body was an understatement thanks to the gorgeous Velvet Dave! I felt like this for a fair few sessions but sure enough I started to improve thanks to the amazing support both during sessions, via texts, fb group and the e.manual from Adam.P, Adam.W, Sean and Dave, and the lovely Rev members who are so welcoming.

To be honest I didn’t do enough to get the max out of my first 12 weeks, was loving the food but stupidly still drinking too much, missing whole weeks and only attending 2 sessions despite Adams attempts to keep me on the straight and narrow, you can run but you can’t hide!!!!!
I was still in denial and hadn’t fully committed to Rev, but what I found amazing was their commitment to me.

I met up with Adam.P feeling a bit lost still and coming up with every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t come anymore, work, husband, time, son, dogs blah blah. It was at that moment he said “What about you? If there’s no ‘you’ there is no ‘them'” that was my eureka moment, something clicked or a lightbulb went on and I knew I had to prioritise my own health and happiness!

Rev is special in that it’s unlike any other fitness ‘go to’. It’s the flexible supportive system and more importantly the people inside, Adam.P,Adam.W, Dave and Sean you are awe inspiring and I have the upmost respect and admiration for you all. Emily and her gorgeous infectious laugh, and all the Rev family who are so supportive and encouraging more so than some friends and family. The nutrition advice is just the best and I love sharing and using the recipes on our fb group.

I can’t say enough how much my life has changed for the better, if anyone is thinking of joining and are still not sure, don’t be!!!
I honestly felt unsure too but hand on heart it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself, it’s like a big extended family that puts it’s arms around you, supporting and giving you the tools you need to be both physically and mentally happy and healthy. You have to put the work in for sure, nothing good ever comes easy but it’s so worth it and so are you.

P.S. feeling quite emotional, love you guys xx”

Right Marks