Carol Cordell

left marks

Testimonial from a self-confessed 50+ year old habitual gym non attender! Having been a member of several gyms in Bury in the past and had a personal trainer for a while, a friend recommended Revolution Fitness; how could this gym be any different? I was very dubious about yet another gym membership; I know historically what I am like, any excuse not to go, life is busy with family, work and all the chores, so finding time to dedicate to fitness and wellbeing is pretty low on the list of priorities, even though I know too well it is so important.

Since joining Revolution Fitness I have learnt so much more about nutrition and fitness from the coaches in the sessions, the brilliant website and Facebook postings from Rev and also from the family of Rev members, sharing recipes and experiences. It has been unbelievably helpful to be able to access the support and guidance from any of the trainers 24/7 via my mobile or WhatsApp.

I cannot recommend Rev Fitness more highly, it is like nothing I have tried before. The difference is that the welcome is so warm and friendly, both from the amazing team of trainers and the super friendly members. Previously for me, my experience of gyms is that they can be impersonal, unfriendly and awkward places. The sessions at Rev are tough but the trainers ensure maximum effort and perfect technique to avoid injury and monitor what you are capable of. The environment is safe, well resourced and comfortable.

The ethos is one of an holistic approach, not only improving fitness, strength and mobility but
also encouraging great nutrition and strength of the mind. The team is exceptional in knowing what works for each individual and identifying each members learning style with unlimited amounts of encouragement, warmth and dedication. At times when I have needed a proverbial hug of encouragement it was there but when I have needed a kick up the backside it was there too!!! The members are amazing, so supportive, friendly and are like nothing I have experienced before.

Thanks Rev for helping me look at fitness in a completely different way with positivity and fun, it’s a team approach, the coaches, yourself and the other members As a result I am fitter, happier, a dress size smaller and nearly a stone lighter. I have my mojo back and I love it! I now know what the difference is between Rev and all the other gyms I have been members of, its simply, they care, they know their craft and boy have they nailed it!


Right Marks