Caroline Cotterell

left marks

Why did I join Rev fitness, I had gained weight, was a member of two gyms and was doing 5/6 sessions a week to try and lose the weight and tone up. I had some success but it was hard going and I started over doing it, getting injured and still not getting to my goal. The first few sessions were hard but I hadn’t realised the level of support I would get from all of the coaches and all of the other members of Rev. It really is a family/team feel. I am competitive and want to achieve and have in the past not continued if I am not achieving what I think i should be. The sessions are about putting 100% in but it’s not a competition with each other, it’s about pushing yourself and the coaches helping you do the best you can do. It’s tailored to your abilities and no one will ask you to do something you can’t do, you will be encouraged to work hard but it’s down with loads of humour and genuine support. I finished my initial 3 months and have lost half a stone but more importantly I feel good about myself. I wear clothes with a sense of pride that I feel good in them. I enjoy the sessions so much I am continuing and they never give up on you. The text messages, the funny photos and the amount of support on my phone makes the difference to me. I know I need encouraging to get off my backside, they do it in spades. All of the team at Revolution Fitness are approachable, supportive and have become my friends. I would recommend it to any one who seriously wants to make a difference not just to your body but your confidence and your self esteem. Do it 👊🏼 Caroline Cotterell


Right Marks