Caroline Cundall-Curry

left marks


“…’Health and personal fitness has always been important to me’…
This has been the first sentence of my personal statement on my CV for as long as I can remember.
It has always remained true but since having my first daughter 4 years ago I’d had definitely let things slip.
I was living in a world of ‘used to’s’.
I used to do half marathons; I used to do triathlons. Essentially, I used to be fit and had convinced myself I still was.
I still attempted the standard gym membership and attended a few session occasionally but doing shift work and having 2 young children gave me wonderful excuses to justify said missed sessions.

I was miserable, my self esteem was at an all time low, I felt sluggish and lethargic and I was the biggest dress size I’d ever been. I’d convinced myself that wine bottles must be getting smaller as one or two bottles could be so easily consumed in one evening. I’d also convinced myself I was still the same dress size I’d always been as skinny jeans can be remarkably stretchy and the rolls over the waistband could be hidden under a baggy jumper.

When a girlfriend joined Rev’s and begun explaining the ethos I knew immediately that I would love it.
I tentatively spoke to the coaches about membership when my youngest was 8 months old but decided I couldn’t afford it, couldn’t commit the time and the sessions wouldn’t fit around my shifts.

Over a year passed and I watched my friend transform. Not just body shape; her skin glowed, her hair was shiny, her entire vibe became more positive. She attributed this entirely to Rev’s.

I’m not entirely sure when i hit rock bottom. Possibly a friend saying my spark had gone. Possibly my husband looking at me and saying ‘we need to lose a bit of weight don’t we?’ or perhaps the sympathetic but slightly bored look on my friends faces when I enthusiastically told them about my new fad diet and how I was definitely committed this time. Likely they were all contributing factors. Plus, I’d run out of excuses.

Adam was wonderful. At my first consultation he kindly listened to all my excuses without judgment and his enthusiasm and passion for healthy living-lifestyle change- was immediately infectious.
Then came the messages. That infectious enthusiasm in supportive texts or emails. Even before my membership had technically begun I felt valued and supported.

My first session was one of the most intimidating experiences of my life. With only 6 people in the class I felt everybody knew one another, everybody looked fit and I felt as though everyone was looking at me.
I nervously attempted to skip feeling horribly self conscious.
As with Adam, Sean was wonderful.
He pushed me enough to make me work whilst smiling through my weak attempts at nervous humour and feeble excuses. The support from the coaches both in and out of sessions has been phenomenal. Hugely above and beyond.

It’s now been 3 months since I’ve joined and I’ve genuinely never been happier.
My eating habits have changed which has also influenced the eating habits of my family. My daughters now ask for coconut yogurt with granola for breakfast rather than processed sugar laden cereals. I take note of ingredients and have been pushed out of my food rut. And there is always a coach available to text and ask if I’m unsure.

To say I’m addicted to Rev’s would be an understatement. Even the smell of the rubber mats as I walk through the door excites me- a direct link to the imminent endorphin release I’ll get from doing a session.
I feel I am nowhere near my end goal, whatever that may be, but I’ve received compliments on the changes in my body shape from friends, members and the coaches alike.

Most importantly I’ve got my spark back.

Caz xxx ”

Right Marks