Christine Taylor

left marks

So 4 months ago I could always find an excuse not to exercise or go to the gym, my diet always started on a Monday and was lucky to make it past Tuesday.

I joined Revolution after a recommendation and haven’t looked back since.

Yes it was hard in the beginning, yes I often didn’t want to go but yes I really needed to do something as I felt fat, lazy and lethargic.

After 4 months I feel 100% better, I still have a long way to go on my journey but can already see improvements. It’s not a 5 minute fix, you have to work hard. I have dropped a dress size and feel fitter and more energetic.

I have started many diets and exercise programmes but for me everyone at Revolution is equal, the constant encouragement and communication, from the coaches and from training companions is a real help and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to anyone.

Healthy eating and exercise is the way forward for me.

Thank you!


Right Marks