Claire Whatley

left marks

I was expecting to shift a few pounds – at 2 months in I have lost so much I’m now the lightest I’ve been in over 7 years – 1/2 a stone lighter than my (first) pre-pregnancy weight. I’m running out of wobble! My body shape is continually changing for the better and I keep surprising myself in the gym sessions! I really wasn’t expecting such a dramatic change quite so quickly.

I also wasn’t expecting a monumental shift in my approach to all things diet and health. I’ve gained a new respect for myself, an ability to forgive myself for not being perfect and a resilient, sustainable approach to health that accepts life getting in the way, and enables me to enjoy it fully. A complete game changer having historically been an all or nothing kind of person.

That is all thanks to the coaches who just ‘get it’. They know your mental battles, they know your fears (even if you don’t!) and they will help you fight them until you win. They are truly empathetic, understanding and approachable whilst retaining the ability to push you to get the best out of yourself. Plus meeting a bunch of awesome, like minded people who want to better themselves and enjoy life is an extra bonus.

Rev-fitness have something very special going on. I’ve not known another approach that delivers to the individual quite like this. There is no generic approach. If something isn’t working for you, Rev will work hard to find something that does. And when it does, the way you feel about yourself will speak volumes, as will the mirror.

If you’re deliberating whether Rev is for you – it is.


Right Marks