Debbie Roberts (1 year on!)

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So I felt it’s was time for an update as 8th June marks my 1st Anniversary with Revolution Fitness Academy. Where was I this time last year?..Feeling old, fat and at such a low level of fitness it shocked me; I genuinely thought that because I had let myself tumble into this state at my age it was something I had to live with and accept for the rest of my life, but how wrong I was!

The Academy quickly reassured me that it needn’t be that way and with all the support anyone could wish for and their belief in the capabilities of their members I knew that this was my opportunity to get things back on track. What I love about this place is it is DEFINITELY a TEAM. From the youngest through to the oldest member everyone encourages each other under the watchful eye of all four instructors. When you reach the stage when you really feel you cannot do one more burpie or squat, voices of support echo around the studio willing you to complete the task and the feeling of achievement is second to none.

Is it an effort to get my butt in gear and attend sessions? No, I have a weekly routine and my sessions are now integrated into it. Obviously some days I feel, ” maybe I could give it a miss?” but this is only a momentary thought and quickly dismissed. We could have that attitude with everything in life resulting in taking days off work, not attending appointments or bothering to meet friends! In fact, on the days I do not attend an Academy session I swim, completing 50 lengths continuous freestyle (20m pool) followed by a further 20 lengths of ‘bits and pieces’. Prior to joining the Academy the only time I would get into a pool was to cool down whilst on holiday.

So how far have I come in 12 months? Well, by last Christmas I had lost 4 stone and since then my weight has remained stable. I am 3 or 4 clothes sizes smaller and UNDOUBTABLY fitter. I actually enjoy walking around town either buying clothes or just window shopping, making a conscious decision to walk or ‘bounce’ up every set of stairs or steps in front of me. For some reason I enjoy my work more, maybe because I don’t feel so tired and am more mobile? This year I find gardening easier, approaching it as I would a work out and loving the feeling of the heavier side of things. I am more inclined to accept invitations out. No longer do I worry about what to wear and what people may think about my size, I just feel a complete person able to enjoy life.

What are my aims for the next 12 months? To carry on just the way I am!

Yet again a BIG thank you to Adam, Adam, Dave and Sean for the innovative good humoured workouts, patience, encouragement and dedication to something that you are all obviously so passionate about. Secondly, to all Academy members for their smiley faces, witty comments and commitment to ‘the cause’!


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