Derrick Dougan

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“Dad Bod to Dad God”

The goals of the individual members are just as important to the instructors and that really shows from the moment you meet them.
If you fail, they fail… they do not want to fail!

As far as I can remember l have always exercised but Injuries prevented me from achieving my goals. The four coaches at Revolution are able to adapt movements in sessions to keep you moving, ensure recovery and strengthen weak areas to prevent future injury.

Previously I had no understanding of nutrition and thought I ate fairly healthy, looking back now I had a poor diet and one that did not support my regular exercise. This is the first diet I have been on where I have never been starved or craved junk food, if it’s time for a snack or cravings kick in I automatically go for nuts or fruit.

I have battled with IBS on and off for years and I now have it under control. I no longer feel bloated or uncomfortable with my stomach and running for the toilet is something of the past.

Previously I suffered with taking on oxygen during exercise, now my lungs feel so much clearer and find I can push on harder with exercise and recover so much faster.

Even though the goals achieved in this short time are amazing, above all this I have so much more energy in general, a clearer head, and feel so much happier as a person.

A big thank you to the instructors and the members for their guidance, support, encouragement and the positive energy that I feed from.

Start date Stats

Weight- 224lbs
BMI- 27.8
Body fat- 27
Muscle mass- 152
Metabolic Rate- 53 year old
Visceral fat- 10

Current Stats

Weight- 200 lbs
BMI- 25.7
Body fat- 15.7%
Muscle mass- 164
Metabolic Rate- 24 year old
Visceral fat- 5


Right Marks