Emily Skinner

left marks

I will never look back! It was the best decision I ever made joining Revolution Fitness Academy!

I am 5ft 1” and when I joined in January I weighed 14.4 stone, I had gotten comfortable, I would spend my evenings Slobbed out on the sofa with a full size bar of chocolate and a sharing size packet of crisps which I could quite easily finish off, I felt fatigued and massively in denial about how bad things had become, I often told myself I was happy however i loathed any photos that I found myself in, my clothes were getting tighter and I ended up in a cycle of yo yo dieting, fasting and comfort eating.

I needed to change! My health was in poor shape I was always tired and constantly coming down with colds and viruses.

Since joining in January things have got so much better! I have become addicted to their awesome, never the same sessions with all four fantastic and supportive instructors, four weeks in and I could not believe the results, I was being complemented on my weight loss and how I look, m energy levels are sky high and my eating habits changed dramatically, thanks to the support of the team and I enjoy satisfying clean meals and a new motivated lifestyle.
7 weeks in and I am now 21lb lighter with increased muscles mass and I’m feeling amazing I have lost 6 inches from my waist, 5 inches from my hips and all my clothes are too big, I cannot thank the team and the members enough for giving me back my motivation and spurring me on during sessions.

Adam.P, Sean, Dave and Adam.W are all fountains of knowledge, passion and dedication and I thank them immensely! Bring on those sessions!!


Right Marks