Giles Arbon

left marks

I’ve been trough several episodes of going to gyms and trying to fight off the flab and strengthen my core muscle groups on my own. It didn’t work I was still eating rubbish and not doing the exercises correctly. I gave up, felt really low and needed some help.

Revolution fitness gives me all I need to reach my goals of loosing the flab and strengthening my core along with the psychological benefits of exercise and nutritional food.

The support given to me by the coaches and the fellowship of co-rev’ers makes the difficult process of loosing flab, building muscle and changing my diet so much more than just “a gym membership” it’s a family… one that doesn’t try to sabotage your healthy eating or put you off going to the sessions or put down your new look.

Rev is so flexible, in more ways than one and I am looking forward to my future with the team to improve my overall health and wellbeing.


Right Marks