Hannah Clark

left marks

I did the 2014 Virgin London Marathon so after 6 months of running, I was ready for the gym, wanting to focus on strength and toning.  I knew I wanted something more than the usual gym arrangement where I’d sign up and after an initial burst of interest I’d end up going maybe once a month, which made for an expensive cost per visit to the gym!
Then I came across Revolution Fitness Academy – the perfect combination.  The group sessions work really well for me, lots of support from the rest of the group and the trainers are awesome.  Every one of them gives you support to push yourself beyond what you thought you could do; encouragement to keep going when you think you want to die!!  Each session is different so you never get bored.
It’s also so much more than a just a gym!  There’s massive amount of support when you’re not at the gym.  The Facebook group always has loads of posts from other members with motivational quotes, great recipes etc.  I’ve learnt loads about my diet and attitude to eating from fellow gym members – again another fantastic support beyond the 45 minutes session in the gym.
I cannot recommend Revolution Fitness Academy highly enough – for me it’s not a cost it’s an investment!

Right Marks