Hayley Painter

left marks


If you had asked any of my friends if I enjoyed exercise they would have laughed in your face. One friend still names walking into the gym and seeing me on an exercise bike the most shocking moment of her life! I’m not a natural athlete and I count chocolate as one of my main food groups. 
I joined Revolution in August after an awful 5 months. The doctor had prescribed antidepressants and sleeping pills during this time which did not agree with me. When my sister suggested I join Revolution I thought why not, I would give anything a go to feel better. 
The trainers and the members were all very welcoming and helped me feel settled straight away. There is no pressure to keep up with anyone else in the classes but the trainers will push you so you are always maximising your potential without being overbearing. 
Outside of the group there is constant contact so you know you can always talk to them if you need any advice or help to keep motivated. 
4 months in and I feel so much happier and am sleeping better which is a miracle in itself! This is about making long term positive lifestyle changes rather then a quick fix solution that doesn’t last. Now that I’m in a better frame of mind I can focus on making the physical changes that I want to make and maybe even complete the odd mud/obstacle run! 
Whether your goals are physical or mental – I definitely recommend giving Revolution a 

Right Marks