Helen Clench

left marks


“So after moving to Bury and struggling to find a new gym that I enjoyed, I had totally lost my way and routine of exercise and healthy eating.
I had become confused about what I should or shouldn’t be eating after following numerous different diets. I had become lazy, uncomfortable in my own body and totally lost my confidence.
I needed someone to tell me what to eat and how to train effectively. That is exactly what the boys at Rev have done for me.

My first meeting with Adam, I was both nervous and excited about what to expect. I actually cried as I described to him the all time low I had got myself into, feeling miserable with myself and my clothes not fitting.

After my System Reboot alone, I’d lost 10lbs and already my confidence was returning and my clothes feeling loser. I couldn’t have felt more happier.

The Rev sessions are hard work, yet fun and rewarding. After 4 weeks in, I’m already seeing massive improvement in my fitness, which in turn assists my determination to succeed.
I’m feeling healthier, less tired and more energised.
I’m thoroughly enjoying the nutrition plan and yummy menus and the big bonus I’m feeling much slimmer.

None of this would have been achievable if it wasn’t for the encouragement, expertise and advice from Revolution Fitness and the coaches.
They’re always around, 24/7, for advice and are always in contact with fantastic support. It’s amazing what you can achieve when someone is there constantly pushing and encouraging you.
Everyone at the academy is so lovely and friendly. They’ve really made me feel welcome. It’s like a big happy family, supporting each other and sharing advice, experiences and food tips.

If you’re feeling lost, miserable in yourself and desperate to loose weight, get fit and healthy then Revolution Fitness Academy is the place to go!!!”

Right Marks