Helen Hope

left marks

Everyone’s fitness journey is different and individual. Everyone has their own personal goals. Some just want to lose weight and get rid of that muffin top, some have achieved that and are taking it to the next level. For me it has been a complete life changer. I have always been someone that has used gyms and fitness classes. I kinda knew what I was doing with my diet and the kind of exercises to do. I joined Revolution Fitness because of the coaches  and the wealth of knowledge they all share between them. This has lead to me achieving Personal bests in terms of fitness, perfecting my form, advice on nutrition and providing me with unlimited support in everything I and other members choose to do. The community and supportive atmosphere is the best I have ever encountered. All questions are answered honestly, classes are tough but rewarding and the coaches are firm and no nonsense but awesome and fun. I have found my last year at Revolution so brilliant it has lead me to have the confidence to change my career and train to be a Personal Trainer myself. There is honestly not enough words to explain how great these guys are at getting you to achieve your goals whatever they maybe.

Right Marks