Henry Brewis

left marks

I have been overweight most of my working life and have suffered from some degree of Asthma most of that time. I have made efforts over the years to get fitter but normally I fail to stick to anything.

2 years ago I joined Rev and I have lost weight but perhaps more importantly my Asthma is so much better I hardly use my inhaler whereas before I would always have it with me. The people at Rev have created a great little community where everyone helps to inspire each other. The sessions while being tough are strangely enjoyable.

Whereas on a cold winter morning the thought of going for a run by myself might be too much – a trip to Rev because of the camaraderie and expert tuition and encouragement by the trainers seems a whole lot easier.
For me it was never going to be a quick fix – to turn around the supertanker that was 37 plus years of over eating , over drinking and under exercising was never going to happen overnight.

What Rev has done for me is to gradually re form my habits in a sustainable way whilst having fun on the journey. Thank you.


Right Marks