Ian Chapman

left marks


I joined revolution fitness 9 months ago. I had a background in triathlon, but years of long hours training without any strength work took their toll and I`d been increasingly troubled by a bad back, and was getting random painful back spasm doing simple bends to pick things off the floor, getting out of the car,or playing with my children. I had started to feel pretty fed up. I decided I needed to do all I could to get better, and thought that the right exercise programme might help me, preferably something that concentrated on strength and flexibility. That`s when I found revolution fitness. They were the only local fitness club I found that offered early morning sessions I could do before work. The first session was the hardest workout I have ever done, but I loved it. The sessions are demanding, but varied and not too long. The fact you workout in small groups is really motivating as you start to get to know other group members – much better than trying to exercise alone in a half empty Gym. The coaches are superb too;they all work hard and are amazingly enthusiastic about their Job, they always seem to make time to deal with any issues that crop up, either during sessions or by email or text. Over the months I have gradually felt myself get fitter and fitter – my back is 95% better, I can bend easily and spend a day in the garden without problems –joining Revolution Fitness turned out to be the best lifestyle decision I could have made.

Right Marks