James Stott

left marks


To any body who is considering joining Revolution Fitness and is wondering what sets them apart from the rest, please ask yourself how many gyms and trainers would care enough about their client’s health to physically take their client and pay for an appointment with a specialist as they were convinced that there was more to an injury than any doctor would acknowledge. It was because of this level of care and attention that Adam Prescott paid to me that a rare and cancerous tumour was discovered in my arm and a major factor to me being in the health I am today not to mention being alive and able to be a husband to my wife and father to my children. 8 months on and Adam has pushed me to regain nearly full use of an arm and shoulder that I was told would never be the same again by a world leading consultant who is amazed and astounded by where he has got me to in not even a year after this relatively new and ground breaking surgery. It is for this reason as well as many others including the family atmosphere he’s helped create within Revolution, that I would recommend that anyone looking to join a gym looks no further and considers any cheap alternatives are just that, you get what you pay for!
Adam Prescott and his team are a one off in what is a highly competitive market these guys clearly shine!

Right Marks