Lesley Ryland

left marks

I have been a member at Rev Fit now for over 2 1/2 years and I can honestly say it’s the most rewarding and beneficial part of my life. I have been a member of one gym or another all my life but always lost enthusiasm a few months in or my fitness plateaued and I had a lack of direction to get back on track. Rev is a whole community of members always ready to share tips ideas and above all encouragement and I am absolutely certain that the four coaches are all overflowing with an abundance of knowledge to do with fitness and nutrition.way beyond their years. I go to a class at least 6 times a week and I am never bored and always challenged which I love! I have learnt so much about every aspect of exercise and nutrition and still feel I am getting stronger all the time. I would give up everything else I do to keep rev in my life as it is without doubt a massive investment in my health and wellbeing. I eat relatively clean and really push myself in sessions I work hard in my full time job and I manage my life extremely efficiently to fit everything in BUT haven’t even had a sniffle in the last 21/2 years!! To say the last 10 months have been struggle for me would be a massive understatement but the coaches the members in fact the whole academy have given me the strength of character and mind to deal with it!!

Sorry guys but I’m here for the long haul I’m afraid my membership will cease when you close the lid on the box!!!


Right Marks