Lesley Ryland

left marks

Revolution Fitness Academy…… It does what it says on the tin! I have been a member at one gym or another all my life and at 51 I can honestly say the Academy has changed my life, my outlook on life, my attitude to health and fitness and given me a complete understanding of my own body boundaries, (of which I am still striving to find) and nutrition.

The academy is totally unique in each and every way. All members are individuals with their own needs goals and abilities all of which are accommodated by each one of our four dedicated coaches.

Nutritional advice and manuals are available 24/7 and there are no gimmicks or faddy “diet” ideas in sight!! Just back to basics and cut out the rubbish our bodies don’t need!

Each and every person at the academy genuinely wants everyone else to succeed and meet their own goals and are all totally supportive of each other!

Revolution Fitness Academy is a massive part of my life now and I would prefer to give up anything else at all rather than lose it.

The Academy has an incredibly amazing ethos that has to be experienced to appreciate fully.

I would be more than happy to chat to anyone to enforce how strongly I feel and my email is lesleyryland7@me.com

Right Marks