Lisa Jennings

left marks


I joined the academy 18 months ago, having hit 13 stone, despite running regularly, as a side-effect to the high amount I travel with my job.   I joined because I had entered a 20 mile cross country race, called the Grizzly, and I wanted to improve my fitness and speed to duck under 5:30 hrs.  Five months later, as I lined up on the start line with my younger & fitter brother, I was a stone lighter, could run 5 k in 28 minutes and finished in 5:26 hrs.  To say I was chuffed to bits, was an understatement!

My original plan had been to leave the academy after this event, but I was so pleased with my results, I decided to stay and work towards doing even better the following year.  Everything was going in the right direction but over the summer I began to get very sore knees, despite the trainers adapting each and every session for me.  I had just about made up my mind to take a break and then start again but focusing on my technique, when the decision was made for me.

In mid-August, I became seriously ill and had to have emergency surgery to remove nearly 1 metre of dead bowel.  I spent 8 days in the hospital and another 3 months recovering.  During this time the coaches and all the great friends I had made through the academy kept me going and helped me no end.  They visited me regularly, walked my dog, turned up with meals for me and even took me clothes shopping.  I seriously don’t know how my husband and I would have gotten through these extremely tough months without their support, I never realised that when I signed up to join a health and fitness programme, I would become a member of a  hugh extended family, that care greatly about each other, not only in class, but out of class as well.

Nearly a year on, I’m back to training and fitter than ever.  I’m under 11 st for the first time in years and have lost >8 inches from my waist and >6 inches from my hips.  And despite some long term consequences of the surgery with nutrient absorption, I’m challenging myself to celebrate my recovery.  In March I completed the Grizzly with my younger brother and sister-in-law in under 5 hrs, in June I swam the Great North 1 mile Swim in Lake Windermere in 37:12 and next weekend, I’ll be running 2 marathons in 2 days as I take on Race to the Kings (my brother’s challenge for me while I was recovering). Will I make it….HELL YES…. but it might not be pretty !

What’s my biggest regret-not joining the Revolution Fitness family sooner.

Wish me luck and I hope this inspires you to join J

Right Marks