Liz Proctor

left marks

When I got asked to write a testimonial on how and what Revolution Fitness has done for me I jumped to the chance to share my story.

I’ve been with Revolution for just over a year now and in that year I have reached some goals I would’ve never thought I’d achieve. When I joined I was doubtful that the Academy could help me loose weight and improve my fitness, and as with everybody; I saw the transformations and thought that will never happen to me. But after years of trying different diets, going to gym and loosing a bit of weight here and there without really increasing my fitness, I decided that the time was right for me to make some serious changes to my lifestyle and Rev.Fitness appeared to be the answer in helping me to start my new journey.

With regular attendance and listening to what the coaches have to say, they supported me to make a massive impact within my life. I started out as a size 18 and am now a size12 and fit individual. I have changed the way I look at food and really do enjoy preparing and trying out new ingredients that I never even knew existed let alone taste so good. Having made the changes within my diet my IBS is cured; I now know the triggers that I have struggled with for years and am finding that my sleep and energy levels have improved benefitting my everyday life. My stress levels have decreased and I now feel confident and happier within myself.

Even though he isn’t a member of the Academy, my new way of life has also had a huge impact on my Husband as well. Being a diabetic, insulin dependent and having two small heart attacks before the age of 50, the meals I now cook at home has improved his diet, cholesterol and blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of further illness, which in turn relieves me of the stress worrying!

Due to some amazing and motivational people that I’ve had the pleasure to meet and train with, I’ve achieved goals I never thought were possible; such as completing my first Spartan leaving me wanting to enter more. And as for the coaches; Adam, Adam, Dave and Sean; they really are remarkable with their abundant encouragement and innovative ways of training. All four are always available for advice and have an evident passion for what they do, motivating me to have the same desire towards my own achievements … And so may it continue! I would also like thank Emily for her constant updates and organization of events throughout the year. I defiantly recommend Revolution Fitness Academy to anyone who wants to make a change for the long haul. This unique fitness academy really does offer the tools and expertise on how start your next journey in life.


Right Marks