Lorna Bell

left marks

Why have I stayed at Revolution Fitness Academy for nearly 2 and half years despite hitting my goal after 3/4 months?

It simply boils down to the fact that I love it! Training in a gym environment is part of my life and at Rev every day is different, literally! The classes change all the time, the challenges are so much fun and really creative. But most of all they constantly challenge me. Whenever I think ‘I cant’ the personal trainers tell me ‘I can’ and every time they’re right!

The coaches have supported me in my personal fitness goals, whether they are to get leaner, to build muscle, learning how run properly (I’m flat footed) to train for Mud Runs and fitness camp challenges.

Whenever I’ve had ‘a dip’ in my healthy living lifestyle the coaches have pulled me back out of it and put me back on track. Not a week has gone by since I started when I haven’t had a call or text to say ‘how’s things?’

I really enjoy the social side of Rev too. I’ve made lots of friends who I see outside the gym as well as train with.

Bring on the next 2 and a half years!


Right Marks