Nicola Mottram

left marks


I came to Revolution Fitness Academy in a bad way!  Physically I was unfit, overweight, with high BMI, Cholesterol and Visceral Fat Levels.  Emotionally I was not much better and was comfort eating at night.  I was disgusted at myself but seemed too much in a rut to change.
It was another member of Rev Fit Academy who inspired me to join.  This person had, over time, lost her “sparkle” and within a couple of months at Revolution Fitness she seemed to have got her bounce and bubbly personality back as well as looking great and losing lots of weight!  She said to me:- “I love it” and “if I can do it then you can too” so I joined!
It is hard to describe what it is that makes this place so special but special it is!  The team of trainers are phenomenal because of their enthusiasm, knowledge, encouragement and patience.  Every session is different so you should never get bored and there is always someone to support you when it gets tough.  Never before have I been a member of anything where I’ve felt so supported by coaches and fellow members and never before have I been so addicted to something so tough!
The fact that it maybe costs more than your average gym membership is good because it can never be described as average and maybe paying a bit more makes you feel more motivated to get your money’s worth and attend plenty of sessions and, with so many sessions available, there’s no excuse not to!
For me it has been worth every penny.  Most importantly, in 3 months I have halved my visceral fat (taking it to healthy levels), my cholesterol has reduced, I’ve lost 18lbs, increased my fitness and feel so much better both physically and emotionally.
Don’t hesitate – just go for it – you really won’t regret it!

Right Marks