Rebecca Houghton

left marks


I started my membership with Revolution Fitness in October 2015. In 2013 I started to feel unwell and after several blood tests, I was told that I had Glandular Fever and was in danger of my spleen swelling. I had been at university for about six months and I was part of Manchester University Boat Club, which involved frequent, intense training sessions. I loved the training and rowing is a sport I would love to go back to. However, before joining Revolution Fitness I was only exercising about one a month! This was largely due to my fear of actually commencing in physical activity. I blamed my illness on pushing myself too hard with rowing and subsequently driving myself into the ground. As a result I have feared for a long time that if I did do exercise, I would end up ill again. This is obviously all completely deluded; I hadn’t taken into account my lifestyle around rowing, i.e. drinking most nights of the week, a horrible diet and a stressful Nursing Degree.

Glandular Fever has left me with a fair few health problems. Reflux, tiredness and the difficulty of getting rid of a cold are to name a few. Since starting Revolution Fitness, I have way more energy (can’t explain the difference!) and my reflux is slowly getting better. I also set myself the target to drop a dress size and I feel amazing for doing so.

I must admit, there are times when I want to give up – this even spread across a whole week at one point! In that week I could actually feel my health getting worse due to all the junk food and lack of vegetables! On Sunday, I looked in the mirror and felt horrible, nevertheless, I brushed myself down and remembered how good I had felt the previous week, when I was maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime. It’s always easy to get back on track.

I love revolution Fitness Academy for a number of reasons. I personally prefer going to the gym with a group of people who all motivate one another to achieve their goals. I felt unbelievably welcome when joining Revs, the people there are amazingly supportive and the coaches are fantastic. Most importantly, Revolution Fitness has reminded me of how much I love going to the gym. For those who haven’t joined, or are thinking of joining, I would definitely recommend giving it a go. People join for many different reasons and the academy tailors for everything.

Right Marks