Rebecca Richardson

left marks

I have been at Revolution fitness for three months now and I started here at a pretty high level of fitness,I have never found it hard to motivate myself or find ways of training for myself as I have always been extremely active, having played a sport to high level… however I had lost some motivation having recently moved to the area and not training as hard as I was in the past was proving to be a problem with my mental approach to many things. I have always used exercise as a form of therapy if you like.

I mention the above as I want to highlight the fact that no matter what your fitness level is coming in…you will be challenged!

All the coaches at Rev are EXTREMELY approachable,knowledgeable,welcoming and above all else for me…motivated to do what they do and achieve results for all their members no matter where they are on their fitness and well being journey.

It truly amazes me how amazingly happy, positive and motivating they are at ALL sessions and how they all bring something different to each session, all of them are amazingly good in SO many different ways!
If you are just starting your fitness journey or your already well on your way, you really won’t find a place that will welcome you and work you as hard as you want to work to achieve your goals than Reveloution Fitness.

I have nothing but good things to say about the team that make up one of the most inspiring fitness programs I have ever come across.

You don’t come across people who really love what they do that often but at Rev it shines through with each and every one of the team members!


Right Marks