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Is Water REALLY That Important!?

Besides the fact that you’d literally die without it, there are many, MANY crucial reasons to drink water frequently every day. It starts out pretty mild when you might feel thirsty and have a dry mouth, but the long-term effects of not drinking enough water not only have an effect […]

Can You Be Too Lean For Pregnancy!?

I was in complete shock after attending my 36-week midwife appointment last Tuesday. Fortunately, everything is perfect with Bump and myself, but it all started when I had to be weighed for my referral for the Birthing Suite at the West Suffolk Hospital … Can you see where this is […]

Detox Teas. Do They Work? And, Are They Actually Safe!?

So, this week’s blog was inspired by a very close friend and her although VERY funny, yet embarrassing and unhealthy experience in which she shared with myself and a few others the other week… We’ve all heard about it, or even been personally interested in the well-known; ‘Detox Tea’, ‘TeaTox’ […]

Give Me a Reason Why Woman Store Fat More So Than Men?

It’s a mystery that has confused us women for years of our apparent ability to store fat more than men, despite eating somewhat fewer calories! It seems like we get all the short straws in life doesn’t it!? So why DO we store more fat? Well, alongside some studies, Rev […]

The 5 Most Underrated Exercises Rev DOESN’T Take For Granted!

All you have to do is Google it, and you’ll find hundreds of moves and variations of exercises for those ‘trouble spots’ that we all just want to send packing … However, we’re all different and those trouble spots are more than likely the last to go! So why spend hours upon […]

Get Up and GO!

It’s a lot harder at 7 months pregnant, but I’ve always said to myself; ‘If I work out early morning – my brain doesn’t have time to think what I’m about to do, leaving me no choice NOT to back out or find another excuse … (like I have one […]

Does Eating Fat, Make Me Fat!?

Does eating extra fat via ‘Fat Bombs’ and Bulletproof Coffee make you fat? Here’s the short answer. Yes and no. – Not the answer you wanted I know, but let me explain … If you are naturally slender, then eating fat will not make you fat. If you are obese […]

How Hypermobility Can Affect One Exercising.

While I was trying my best to do some sort of exercise with a 7 month-bump attached to me, I saw one of our members last week working out independently alongside Rev. We went on to speak about an injury she’s been putting up with and it spurred me on […]

Pull Ups. Let’s Break Them Down … Rev.Style!

Ever caught yourself gaping at those lifting themselves up to an 8ft bar at the gym just wishing you could do the same thing? Well, why can’t you? Don’t know where to start? Read on and you’re sure to end up showing everyone in the gym your new trick! Step […]

Spinach. Why We LOVE It So Much!

Recently, superfoods have taken the spotlight everywhere! We’re constantly turning to the next big trend to determine what we should be eating be it algae or a fungus! But what about some of the healthiest foods that we overlook and take for granted that are in front of us every […]