Rob Peachey

left marks


Over the past 10 years I have been a member of 6 gyms, at 3 of those gyms I had sessions with expensive personal trainers, the result… I put on more weight, felt a failure and hating looking in the mirror or buying new clothes in a shop.

Along side the gyms, I did every diet group and every loose weight quick, from weight watchers, slimming world, lighter life to eating only grapefruit, just soup or basically starving myself. The end result was they worked for a while, I generally didn’t understand why but after the will power collapsed I’d put on more weight and feel even worse.

A year ago I had the regular blood checks, as I’m now over 40. I was told that my blood glucose levels were high and if I continued not to exercise and change my diet to healthy eating, it is most likely that I would get type 2 diabetes. I had always believed that if I got news like this I would be straight down the gym with a salad in my hands… I didn’t, I got angry, depressed and ate sweets, chocolate and junk food. I put on more weight and felt even more unhappy with my body and health.

So what changed; by chance I was telling a somebody I met through work, of my healthy intentions and current lack of health.

She told me that there was a great place on Morton Hall where you took part in semi private exercise sessions, there were no possers, it didn’t matter what you looked like or how unfit you were, they were nutrition experts, they could tell you what to eat and educate you about food and if you hadn’t been to the classes they would ring you and help you with any problem you were struggling with.

This sounded brilliant, it ticked all of my boxes.

I made an appointment to meet Adam, I was scared, nervous, I was really overweight and I was venturing in to a gym, as I had so many times before, because I know deep down I want to get fit, I want to eat healthy food, I want to feel good about myself.

When I got there everyone was indeed friendly, there were no possers looking at themselves in mirrors, just 8 people exercising, with one to one support from the Coach, they looked liked people like me.

When I sat down with Adam we talked about me, how I felt, what was life at home and work for Rob Peachey, they was no being sold to, there was no silver bullet being offered, just an understanding of health, nutrition, the body and exercise. We didn’t talk about how much weight do you want to loose or how about having an expensive personal trainer, we talked about me.

For me it felt like a counselling session, I told Adam everything thing about all my diets, all the gyms, my failures and when I stopped talking he explained what they do differently at revolution.

It was a lot to take in, but I knew from the support they offered, this was something that could really work for me. I took the plunge…

So 24 days in how do I feel? I feel energised, confident, a bounce in my step, happy, I’m starting to know how I really feel when I listen to my body. I eat well, tasty fresh food, I’m hydrated easily, now I’m reaching for water, rather than coffee! In my first 24 days, I lost 21lbs! But the weight is just a by product of feeling fantastic!!

Revolution is flexible, support and enjoyable. I now focus on my health not results, yet I’ve never achieved such great results.

If anyone was thinking of making a successful permanent change to their health, all I would say is talk to these guys and see what you think.

Right Marks