Sarah and Jon Flack

left marks

If we don’t say it enough, thank you for all of your support so far. Writing this has made us both remember how grateful we are for the changes you have supported us in making. Mushy bit over… here you go…

Sarah & Jon x

“Why would we recommend Revolution Fitness?” The answer is really simple. We joined as a couple 6 months ago and we have not met our fitness and weight goals, we have both completely smashed them! Not only that, we are motivated to stick with it and establish new, harder goals.

A little background… We have both enjoyed active lifestyles in the past, running, climbing, mountain biking, playing netball but life, work and two young, sleep averse children had made us both low in energy, lazy about nutrition, soft around the edges and too exhausted to do much about it. I joined Revolution Fitness first in a bid to battle the mummy-tummy and remember thinking to myself that I couldn’t fail this time. My goal was to be in better shape when I (eventually!) hit 40 than I was at 30. I followed the System Reboot. I watched the Coach On The Couch videos. I did what I was told and within two weeks I was already seeing and feeling the difference. As was my husband who joined very shortly after!

I am a numbers person and here is the evidence of what we have achieved in our first 6 months.

Sarah: Start body weight 151lbs, now 137lbs. Start body fat percentage 32.5%, now 18.9%. Start metabolic age 40, now 21. Start visceral fat 3.5, now 1.5.

Jon: Start body weight 202lbs, now 180lbs. Start body fat percentage 19.8%, now 13.6%. Start metabolic age 30, now 21. Start visceral fat 6.0, now 4.0.

None of this would have been achieved without the amazing coaches at Rev. They ooze enthusiasm in every class and they mix things up in the classes. They take the time to understand you and you demons, mental or physical and they will go out of their way to keep you on track to reach whatever your goals are. We are both in better shape than we were at 30 so now the goalposts have had to be shifted!!”


Right Marks