Sarah Bowie

left marks


After years of bad eating habits and slowly putting on weight I fell pregnant with my first child. I gained 4 stone during the pregnancy as I lost all desire to look after myself as I waddled around proudly displaying a rather rotund baby bump.

I had a difficult labour and an exhausting little human being to look after, my health and well being was the last thing from my mind. Looking back now I understand a lot of triggers for suffering PND, I kept myself locked away and lost any remaining self confidence. I yo-yo dieted and managed to shift some weight but then I fell pregnant with my second child. I knew this time would be the same unless I changed my ways! 3 weeks after giving birth I knew I was ready to change my life, I wanted to enjoy my gorgeous girls and have the energy and confidence to chase after them and throw them into the air. I knew that exercise and eating the right foods would help me with my mental state as well as physical but i had no idea where to start or how little I actually knew.

Within 10 minutes of chatting to Adam I was instantly hooked on the concept and couldn’t wait to start. 2 days later with my new baby in tow I nervously rocked up to my first session. It was tough, really tough and there where many moments when I thought I couldn’t carry on and that my body would give out but I left with my head held high with a sense of achievement knowing that I was heading in the right direction.

The coaches are amazing, they inspire you to push yourself and to keep striving to reach you next goal.
Most days when I rock up for a session I feel broken emotionally and physically from caring for 2 young children and I will eagerly swap stories of parenthood with the other parents amongst us as the coaches offer a supportive ear. I always leave with a grin on my face, revitalised and ready to take on the next challenge that life should throw at me.

The combination of a good all over body workout and changing my mentality over the way I consume food has given me a new bounce in my step that I thought was gone forever.
I love the fact that I have never done 2 workouts the same and never quite know what cheeky things the gents are going to conjure up next for us to do.
Never have I felt intimidated, judged or unworthy to be there by anyone, just fun and friendly support from coaches and members.

I am eternally grateful to all the boys at Revolution Academy for everything they have done as I genuinely feel like a brand spanking new person.

I only wish I had joined sooner!

Right Marks