Shannon Armstrong

left marks

When I stared I was 20 years old 5ft 1 and weight around 10st.7lb. I joined because I wanted to get in shape for my big sister’s wedding. I had just 9 weeks to do that and I did, I lost 10% body fat, a stone in weight and 4 inches off my waist. Here’s what I think about revolution fitness academy…

The trainers
There are 4 lovely trainers who take the classes at revolution fitness, all of which you can call any time of the day for support. They know each individual member, are always pleased to see you, will answer any questions you have, constantly happy to help and will push you to your absolute limit in every session.
The other members
Its always scary starting a new club not knowing anyone, but everyone at revolution is so friendly they will always say hello and again like the trainers they are there for support too. It doesn’t matter if you are not the fittest one in the class as long as you try your hardest no one looks down at you.
The classes
I would love to say how fun they are and how we have such a laugh but sadly its not like that, it is hard and it will hurt and you might even scream but the feeling you get afterwards is brilliant you feel like you have actually done something, plus they are only 45mins out of your 24hour day, that includes warming up and stretching at the end. They become really quite addictive and you feel so lazy the days you don’t go. I think they are the best bit about revolution fitness academy.
The eating
Before I started the academy I thought I had a good idea what a healthy balanced diet was. Turns out I was wrong and that’s the reason I never lost much weight. The knowledge I have gained on a healthy lifestyle all makes sense and it clearly works I have lost weight and inches plus other things have changed, such as I don’t feel sick at all anymore, I am not tired all the time and I am much happier especially after a session. I have much more control over my eating too I use to eat for comfort, when socialising or just because. But I have realised food isn’t for all of those things food is for energy and yes of course I will still go for dinner with my friends but do I really need that pudding? And yes I have had a rubbish day at work but do I have to eat a massive bar of chocolate? Never thought I would say this but actually going for a run makes me feel better than any of that could.
My advice would be to just do it! You won’t regret it. How bad can exercise and healthy eating be for you? If you put it off until next month you could have already dropped a dress size or two by then if you had joined today. If you don’t sign up you can only get worse if you do sign up you can only get better.
See you in a session 

Right Marks