Sharon Perry

left marks


Having competed at national and international level as a master’s athlete in swimming and triathlon, I was left in a bit of a mess following the diagnosis of some reasonably life changing chronic (love that word) illness in June 2016. Following some fairly significant injuries, including balance problems that led to rib fractures in early 2017, I was stuck with how to do something about my health and found myself descending into some fairly bad habits (less said the better on that one). I couldn’t do my regular activities but I needed to make a step change in my lifestyle so I could just carry on working and taking the best possible care of kids.

I’d heard of Rev through various friends and so met up with Adam to discuss in May 2017. He made no promises but I liked his approach to how Rev might help me manage my condition.

There are many facets to the program that have, and are helping me, regain some of my past physical fitness and, more importantly, mental well-being. The lovely fellow Rev -ers, the lack of thinking about what to do in the gym, the fact I identified so many things I could improve on and the amazing (although occasionally a bit weird) coaching team.

It’s never going to be easy and when I found myself suffering from a fairly significant flare up in September, that’s when I was most impressed. Most therapists, gym people and medics tell you to rest, fill up on painkillers and wait. I’ve found rest rots, not helps when you have chronic health issues. The coaches approach was one of the things that got me through this major dip – ranging from caring (thank you Shaun!), to challenging my thought process (Adam(s) and Dave) and to taking the p*ss (no names required here… ). I was back on my feet within a month. Still working on getting back to full fitness but heading in the right direction.

So don’t think this is all about weight loss and ‘fitting into your jeans’. These guys have a great deal more to offer.

Right Marks