Yasmine Tate

left marks

Before I started at rev fit, I was extremely unhappy with my body. I was over weight and constantly on a ‘diet’ that I repeatedly fell off and cheated consistently. I had a bad mind set of thinking ‘I will go to the gym later, it will be ok’ but I never worked hard enough to lose it.

I found rev fit from a Facebook post and got in contact. I spoke with Adam who was very informative about what the sessions were about and that I would have a huge amount of support to help me through my journey to a better me. I was intrigued and agreed to give it ago. I was pretty much convinced I couldn’t lose weight or make myself any healthier than what I was already. I work hard, I am pretty active and I don’t eat that bad …

My first session, I was nervous and extremely apprehensive. But Adam reassured me that I would be OK. I was convinced it wasn’t going to be that bad. I had started the System Reboot that day also and felt a bit low on energy, but nothing was going to prepare me for this one to one session. It was hard, exhausting and I realised how unfit and unhealthy I actually was. I seemed unable to manage to complete session and I felt so disappointed in myself. But the coaches and their positive attitude told me that this is normal for your first session and it will get easier. I felt better knowing I had their support, giving me the motivation to carry on.

So I carried on with my 10 System Reboot, the first week was hard. I was preparing all my meals in advanced to help with not wanting to cheat when I felt hungry. The eating got easier, I carried on with clean eating after the 10 days was up as I really enjoyed the tasty meals I was cooking all from scratch, with nothing artificial. I wasn’t even bothered about having no sugar or artificial sugars in my diet. For the first time in a very, very long time I felt amazing. My IBS which forever got in the way of my life was no longer there. I had more energy and looked and felt brighter.

Before I knew it 4 weeks went by, I was still clean eating and attending 3-4 sessions a week. I was noticing an incredible difference in the way I looked. Even everyone at work noticed I had lost weight and I looked brighter and full of energy. There was no way I was going to give up now. Especially when I had to buy new work trousers a dress size down as my previous ones were far too big. I still had so much support from the Coaches at Rev. Fit, when I had my down days they were their to make me feel better, give me my positive attitude back and tell me not to give up.

So here I am at week 7. And I am never looking back to the old me… The cheat. The clean eating works, I have more energy, I look healthy and my IBS is cured. Not only that but my confidence has improved and I am happier!  The sessions have improved my fitness incredibly. In the words of Adam White: ‘you smashed that Yaz!’ I’m going to continue to smash it. Looking back at session 1 to now I would never have thought I would be able to do half if what I am doing now. The couches are amazing. So helpful and full of advice. I’d recommend it to anyone. I’m so thankful. If you get the opportunity to join, take it! you’ll never look back!


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