Revolution Fitness Academy

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What’s is RevFit?

Welcome to a world that designed to enable you to be more consistently healthier than ever before. Whether it’s in our Revolution Facility or enjoying the weather with RevOutdoors.

No matter who you are, allow us to show you how to build confidence in your body, belief in your choices and most importantly encourage those around you.

… As we say, support, encourage, evolve.

Anyone can put that spring back in their step, let us show you how.

– Access to over 56 COACHED sessions each week.
– Session are adjusted and adapted to assist the individual.
– 10 RevOutdoor sessions.
– Remove confusion via our support coaches.
– Access to over 750 OnDemand sessions.
– Revolution meal planning app.
– Track your progress with our 3D body composition scanner.

… And enjoy the energy thrown into your step from our wonderful community and team of coaches.

This is our Lifestyle System.

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