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What’s is RevFit?

Welcome to a world that is designed to enable you to be more consistently healthier than ever before.
Our Lifestyle Formula, used to create the systems within our Academy programme and Revolution Facility has been crafted from over 6 years of testing to develop a set up that no matter who you are will allow us to show you how to build confidence in your body, belief in your choices and most importantly encourage those around you.

Anyone can put that spring back in their step, let us show you how.

What is our Lifestyle Formula?…

Everything is designed to ooze enthusiasm and envoke confidence in you with a big energetic smile on your face…
From our secret programming, delivery of information, tactics to build confidence, access to information, to our coach recruitment, in-house development programme and facility expectations.

Then it’s wrapped around our Revolution set-up;

– HUGE flexibility to fit your busy life.
– Support to remove frustration.
– Meal planning app for a tailored approach.
– Coached sessions to ensure adaptability for everyone who walks through our door.
– Professional programming for development and enjoyment.
– Community for atmosphere and encouragement.
– Industry leading 3D Body Scanner to track progress, postural correction and push accountability.
– Philosophy focused around optimal health and putting a smile on your face.

… Enjoy the energy thrown into your step from our wonderful community and team of coaches.

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