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A ‘Rev-Reboot Phase’ can become a Lifestyle Choice. Read Michelle’s Story.

If anybody has been apart of Revolution Fitness, they know that during phase two consuming any animal products is forbidden for your choice of a week or two.

For me it was really interesting to read that Phase two was removing animal products from my diet. I actually had been thinking about following a vegan diet before this, but doubted myself that there was no way I could never have bacon or steak again not to mention eggs! Eggs are the most convenient food for anyone, especially for breakfast! It wasn’t just myself, but my work colleagues agreed that I loved meat too much to follow a Vegan diet.

So, after completing Phase One, I really didn’t think I was ready for the second phase, so I followed the optional transition week where animal products can be consumed within one meal daily. For the first three days, I chose eggs for breakfast and I thought to myself, ‘I need to get out of this habit as I will struggle next week for breakfast ideas.’ So, because of this, I switched it up and even at the end of the week I still didn’t feel ready to give up my beloved meat. But, eager to achieve my goals, phase two is phase two, and I removed all produce from animals, and although I had some very interesting combinations at times, (especially at breakfast time,) I stuck with it…

Through researching all the Rev-Reboot phases, I knew what was coming up in phase 3, however I re-read the weekend before I was due to finish phase 2. I quote: ‘Reintroduce animal products, however, think about it – Do you really need them at EVERY meal? This hit me, and my answer was clearly no. So, I decided that for the time being I still won’t consume any animal products.

It’s now been 7 weeks and this is what I have noticed… Now I know that this isn’t just related to my change in diet, but also my change in lifestyle and activity by attending my Rev-Sessions.  I would also like to point out that I do not consider myself ‘Vegan’, but instead a Plant Based Diet’, as I still follow the principles of phase one with no gluten and refined sugar. One tip I would give to anybody, is always read the labels on foods. If you don’t know what the ingredient is – don’t buy it! Nine times out of ten it’s no good for you what so ever! I take pictures, google it and am horrified at the outcome!

I have discovered different foods: 

Before this phase, I was eating a lot of the same foods and cooking a lot of the same recipes. Now I am trying so many different foods and experimenting all the time. I have a lot more vegetables or salad with my meals than before. Who knew there was so much choice!?

My Nails and Hair:

My nails would always break quite easily and my hair would be very dry on the ends. Yet now, my nails are stronger and longer, my hair is shinier and most defiantly growing at a faster rate. The only obvious reason for this I guess is the increase in nutrients. My skin also feels a lot softer, again this may the result of my increased water intake.

Improvements in My Immune System:

Unfortunately, I caught the cold bug that was doing the rounds during my second week, but I think within the world we live, it is impossible not to catch germs altogether. However, what I did notice this time I got it, was that I woke up every morning thinking ‘I’m getting a cold’ yet I never actually got one. Of course, I was feeling less energised, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to stay in bed like I used to. It was tough staying on plan food-wise, but I did manage it. I think when we are ill; we just want comfort food all the time, and this for me was the hardest stint.

I’m Forever Researching:

I spend most of my free time reading blogs, watching documentaries and ordering books online. I am very happy by following Revolution’s Re-Boot, and the majority of research I have read confirms that a plant based diet is a very healthy lifestyle, yet in some cases may not be long term if insufficient vitamins levels arise. Now, when I say long term – I’m talking years. I have in my mind that I will continue with plant based for a year, however socialising for me is very challenging – so may have some days off!

It’s so much Cheaper:

My food bill is one third of what it used to be. At first I was buying tinned beans, now I buy packets and soak them over-night or while I’m at work. This was a pain to begin with but now it’s a part of my routine. I need to be prepared as I’m without have a microwave or a freezer.

Weight Loss and Body Shape:

I have been following the reboot plan for just 9 weeks, and before I knew my results; I felt that my clothes are more comfortable and some defiantly a lot looser! I notice a difference when I put my hands on my hips, and I see more tone in my legs, however I can’t tell in pictures or when I look in the mirror just yet. However, my confirmed weight loss in just over two months is 28lbs! I’m over the moon!

And finally, be warned this is TMI…

My Digestive System:

I started Phase Two while other members were doing it also, and finding out that we all had that same problem – bloating. I would find myself waking up in the morning with a painful rumbling tummy and having to rush to the bathroom (in which I’ll spare you the details!) Adam Prescott was adamant that this would pass and he was right! However, I am more regular and according to the Bristol stool chart, healthier! Yay!

My Friends and Family:

My family, friends and work colleagues have all been so supportive, I work in a hotel and the chef will always rustle something up for me that meets my requirements. I went back to Bristol and stayed with my sister a few weeks back, and before I went she asked for a shopping list wanting to make sure I didn’t go hungry. My Nan is 85 and just couldn’t understand what I was choosing to eat and not eat, so that was very entertaining, and my friends will now always ask me to choose where we eat. One of my longest friends said, ‘I can’t believe you are doing this, you used to eat half a cow a week!’ which was a slight exaggeration, but I did love eating meat!

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