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If I Just Work on Abs, I’ll get a Six-Pack Right!? …. WRONG!

We all strive for the flat ‘washboard’ stomach, and as a result we constantly ask the five Rev-Coaches to work on abs – (That or it’s the only thing that isn’t suffering from DOMs from previous sessions!) But if you ask any one of them what exercises they do to get their ‘blessed’ and defined Abs and ‘V’s’ I can guarantee you they won’t say Crunches! Say what!? That’s SO not fair!!

Having a strong core is very important and entails masses of benefits, from improving your posture to even preventing injuries. But a flatter stomach has much to do with bigger compound movements, cardio and our diet than just focusing on our midsection alone. It’s sad to say, but those crunches – no matter how much pain they may leave us in, won’t alone get rid of that layer of fat that most of us carry just above our jean waistband. Like anything – we all have those areas where we hate and they’re always the last to go! But why? Surely if you work on a certain area constantly our body has no choice to flatten and reduce fat within that area? Unfortunately, no. ‘Spot Reduction’ is a complete myth and there’s no way around it! This is because fat is broken down and transported into the bloodstream, and when it’s used as fuel, it can come from anywhere in the body. So, although a million of those dreaded crunches can make your abs feel like they’re on fire, the fat may be burning elsewhere.

So what do we do to be able get Abs, Abs, Abs and more Abs?

Ab isolated exercises only target the superficial surface muscles, yet in order to get these, we need work on the deeper muscles within our core first. Targeting our back, Psoas (surrounding our pelvis), Glutes and more, will help assist the strengthening of our centre core. As I previously stated, big compound movements such as Deadlift, Squat-Press, Burpees, Dumbbell Snatches, are the ‘magic beans’ as it were to work all the muscles needed to attain that defined stomach we all crave for! See – there is a legit reason why the Rev.Coaches makes us do these and not because they’re ‘fun’! J

But before you go ‘HAM’ (from Kanye West’s words himself,) in the Gym, remember Nutrition is EVERYTHING! Which is where Revolution’s step-by-step Nutrition comes in. Login, read or even listen to the audiobooks and you’re well underway!

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