Detox Teas. Do They Work? And, Are They Actually Safe!?

Detox Teas. Do They Work? And, Are They Actually Safe!?

So, this week’s blog was inspired by a very close friend and her although VERY funny, yet embarrassing and unhealthy experience in which she shared with myself and a few others the other week…

We’ve all heard about it, or even been personally interested in the well-known; ‘Detox Tea’, ‘TeaTox’ or “Cleansing Tea’ diets. They are advertised EVERWHERE! Whether it’s social media, TV adverts, health shops, and magazines. And funnily enough almost always advertised by drop dead gorgeous ‘Z -Listers’, which must be one of the main reasons why so many women are drinking these detox tea’s frantically to shed those unwanted pounds. But do they actually work? And more importantly are they healthy or just dangerous? Let me dive in to it a little deeper….

Like anything, ingredients vary from brand to brand, and Detox Teas are normally sold as part of a ‘7, 10 or even 30 day programme’ with the intention of reducing weight significantly and ridding your body of harmful toxins. At first glance, the average ingredients list of a detox tea’s looks pretty harmless; including; Chinese oolong tea, ginger, and ginseng, all of which have been around for years and are completely natural. However, ‘Senna’ will then crop up in the ingredient list. Senna is a herb containing man-made chemicals called ‘Sennosides’, which irritate the lining of the bowels, activating a laxative effect, and medically approved for treating constipation and emptying the bowels before surgery. This surely can’t be good if you’re all okay and flowing in the ‘pipe’ department right!? Arguably, if you’re buying a bulk load of laxatives in their original form, those around you and even the shop assistant, would have a worrisome and concerned look upon their faces? Well, why not the same with these ‘Detox tea’s’ programmes then?

Aside from the obvious inconvenience of spending most of your time on the loo, unnecessary laxatives will almost certainly hinder your physical health. By speeding up the transit of any food you consume in your intestine, it also means that you’re less likely to absorb the beneficial energy we gain from food, and the main reason we actually need it, leading to nutritional deficiencies. It’s not only the embarrassing duration of time you’ll need the loo, but by depriving your body of nutrition it could trigger your body to go into dehydration and starvation mode, leading to the complete opposite effect of weight GAIN when you stop drinking the teas. Unfortunately, regular use of these teas can also eventually lead to an eating disorder, which can be very challenging to overcome due to its mental affects and not just physical.

So before reaching for this unhealthy and dangerous resort, just remember, we’ve all been blessed with the top-of-the-range built-in toxin destroyer which is our Liver! If we make sure we follow a balanced diet with healthy fats, and a regular bout of weekly exercise, our metabolism and hormones will be kept at an optimum level, allowing fat loss and most of all health and wellbeing to be a lot less expensive than effectively man-made laxatives! I say the Rev-Reboot has a much more successful rate at reducing fat and keeping it off …. Don’t you think Revvers?