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Excuses, Excuses …

So as all our current members know, we’ve discussed as a group the ‘Late Cancels’ and ‘No Shows’ recently and how to overcome them, so what I’m going to write about this week is excuses. Now, I know we all have work commitments and family which is fully understandable, but there probably isn’t another excuse we haven’t heard of to prevent you from training. Just remember; these ‘intermittent’ excuses may actually be the reason why you’re not reaching your personal goal! I’m sure the Rev-Coaches have a lot more they can add to this list, but here’s a few that I’ve had from ‘workout buddy’s’ as well as overhearing…
‘I’m way too tired to train today’
Too tired? Really? … Now if you’re eating clean, exercising actually gives you more energy! If you’re finding it hard to drag yourself to the gym after a full day’s work – why don’t you book in for our morning sessions? It’s proven that you feel revitalised and revived after a 45 minute ‘fat-blast’. Change your sleeping habits by going to bed earlier but getting up earlier! That way you can enjoy your evening the way you want to enjoy your evening without the feeling of guilt from missing your gym session!

‘There’s no way I’m going out – The weather is awful!’ 
We’re lucky as we have an indoor studio, so there really isn’t any excuse for you to miss on your workout out via this excuse! But if there is a mighty return of ‘Storm Doris’ stopping you from getting out the house, use one of our ready-planned workouts or even ask one of our Rev-Coaches to write one out for you to do in your living room/kitchen/bedroom or garden! Remember – you don’t always need a kettlebell to achieve results!

‘It’s just too hard for me!
If it’s not hard – everyone will be doing it! If it’s not hard – we’ll all be where we want to be in terms of our physique and mentality. You can keep giving up or you can push through and gain the results from the effort you’ve put in. Focus on why you’ve started and why you’re here, and with each workout you do, your strength, confidence and mindset will improve each time.
‘Oops! I forgot my trainers!’

Organisation is the key. Pack your bag the night before. Easy. Make it a Habit. And even if you have for some reason forgotten your Nike’s, don’t let it stop you! Barefoot training is always practiced within the Rev-Headquarters. It can even help improve your stability and technique during specific exercises, so just let the Rev-Coach know and they’ll just accommodate.
‘I really don’t have time’ 
Revolution Fitness Academy offers 69, 45 minute sessions a week, from 06:30 to 20:15! These are designed for fast fat burning results, so there’s no faffing about on a treadmill or waiting around after reps wasting your precious time. But if you do have a meeting (which have the tendency to run over,) book a morning session. But again, if you really can’t make it just ask a Coach so you can do a 30 minute workout at home. There is always time, and your health defiantly shouldn’t come second best to a nail appointment! If you want results, you earn them!

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