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Fat Burning Foods. Fact or Fiction?

Unfortunately, there’s no miracle food or drink that will burn all our unwanted fat and help us lose weight fast. However, there are foods that are proven to help you:

Spike our Metabolism: Foods that are rich in protein and fiber, force the body to work harder on digestion and therefore spiking your metabolism in the process.

Trigger Fat-Burning Hormones: As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, Leptin allows our body to use stored fat as energy. Natural foods such as dark-coloured fruits and vegetables and omega-3 fatty acids, actually help trigger our leptin production which is a major hormone in the ‘fat burning’ process by increasing our metabolism.

Eliminate Toxins: We always talk about toxins, and how we need to help flush them out our system due to a harmful effect on us physically and mentally. But did you know that they can stall weight loss or even cause weight gain? Thankfully, there are again, natural and healthy foods we can consume to eliminate thee toxins and promote our health and weight loss journey. Yay!

But what we want to know is what are these natural foods that hold such power to ‘outdo’ the bad? Well, let me tell you ….

Whole Grains:

When we eat whole grains, especially those that are rich in fiber, our body must work twice as hard, and in turn, burn twice as many calories, to break them down. More importantly, whole grains like Rev’s beloved quinoa are also rich in protein, creating an additional fat-burning effect that can help us reach our physical goals.

Lean Meats:

As we all know; local, organic lean meat is full of protein and keeps us satisfied reducing any further cravings after we’ve consumed it. But what you may not have known is that protein is a thermogenic, meaning we burn almost 30% of the calories in this protein-rich food during digestion.

Green Tea:

Okay, so my guess is that you knew this one was coming up, but why? Well, green tea boosts our metabolism due to its high levels of ‘EGCG’; the big word for it being Epigallocatechin Gallate. ‘EGCG’ is the active plant compound found in green tea, which studies have shown to produce weight loss.

Dark Skinned Fruits and Veg:

Why only dark-skinned fruits and vegetables I hear you say? Well, unlike the light coloured variety, they’re richer in phytonutrients, including carotenoids and flavonoids that you may have heard AP talking about, making them great fat-burning foods. These phytonutrients have anti-inflammatory properties and, more importantly, trigger that Leptin production of ours increasing metabolism.

So, while it’s highly likely that you’re already eating some of these fat-burning foods, maybe switch them up a tad to further boost that fat burn? It may be as simple as choosing different fruits and veg than what you’re used to. Remember, what we eat and put inside our bodies, matters far more than just weight loss. Reach for the right foods to support our fat-burning efforts alongside our fat-burning Rev-sessions!

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