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It’s a lot harder at 7 months pregnant, but I’ve always said to myself; ‘If I work out early morning – my brain doesn’t have time to think what I’m about to do, leaving me no choice NOT to back out or find another excuse … (like I have one at 7am anyway …) I don’t know why, but I’ve always been a ‘early-exerciser’, after a long day at work, the LAST thing I want to do is work out! Personally, I think it’s the best time to exercise if it can fit in with your daily schedule, but I know some people (AP included) find it hard to get up and workout straight away, and trust me – I’ve been there before! You go to bed with the best intentions to get extra that shut-eye to get up that tad bit earlier, however when 6am turns up and your alarm is ringing, it’s dark outside, and the thought of emerging from your snuggly duvet is far from appetising. Training can wait until this evening, right? (Although deep-down you know that’ll never happen). The excuses keep coming and suddenly the snooze button has been hit! Which leads me to this week’s #RevBlog; suggesting some of my top tips to motivate yourself to start your day off with a Rev-Sesh or even something individual!

Get Straight Up!

I know it’s easier said than done – and to be honest this tip doesn’t really help you but whatever you do, don’t hit the snooze button! Set ONE alarm ONLY and aim to be out the door within 10-15 minutes of waking! It gives you less time to think about the fact that it’s cold outside or work-up excuses not to train. Just focus on that ‘buzzing; feeling you get after a Rev-Sesh instead! And even better still – you know you’ll be home straight after work, allowing yourself a relaxing evening! J

Keep Your Workouts Short and Snappy!

This is where a Rev-Sesh is PERFECT! A 45 minute Fat-Blast! And you don’t even have to think and prepare yourself to what to do as our Rev Coaches has it all planned out for you! Mwhahah! Also, you actually only need to set your alarm 45 minutes earlier than usual.


Lay your clothes out the night before, and if you’re like me; pop them on the radiator so they’re nice and warm when you pop them on! Gone are the days of swim training for me late evening and using the same damp swimming costume at 5am! Urgh! Makes me shiver just thinkning about it! Lol! Anyway, back to the point – clothes being laid out will make it easier to get dressed when you’re half asleep and will save you time rummaging through your wardrobe!

Keep Thinking Of YOUR Goal!

Why did you join Rev? Why are you exercising? Exactly. Just never forget that results don’t happen overnight! This is always enough motivation to get up I think!

Get a Training Buddy!

This is one of my favs! I even had a Rev.Member last week ask if she could swap sessions to coincide with another member’s as they found out they enjoyed working out together and spurring each other on! Also, you don’t want to let them down at 07:00am!

Find Your ‘Jam!’

Whether you’re driving, walking, or cycling to the gym or even better a Rev-Sesh, get yourself pumped and in the zone by listening to your favourite song! We all know our very own AP’s one is “ACDC – Back in Black” when it’s blasting out all ready for our members at 0630am!

Mix It Up!

Again, ANOTHER reason why Rev is perfect! Different work outs obviously include a different tempo, speed and even strength work to your exercise regime. Why is this so effective than running every morning? Because your body will respond to the changes and you’ll see results more quickly, and even better – you’’ never get bored… especially at Rev that’s for sure!

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