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Gung-Ho 5km!

Rev.Fitness loves a challenge. Whether it’s a Half Marathon, a Spartan, a Cycling event… ANYTHING! So we’ve decided to enter something a little bit different this July. Something that we can all take part in – even the little ones! We’re very excited to announce that Revolution Fitness Academy will be entering a team in the Milton Keynes Gung-Ho 5km on 9th July.

The Gung-Ho is a 5km series of inflatable obstacles. But not just your standard kids bouncy castle; inflatables that you wouldn’t even have thought existed! From the biggest moonwalk you’ll ever see on the planet to one of the worlds biggest ever inflatable slides, all designed for some serious fun and laughter throughout the whole 3.10miles.

I’ll let the above picture explain the rest! For further information regarding the Gung-Ho events visit http://begung-ho.co.uk

Contact info@rev-fitness.co.uk if you wish to join Team Rev.Fit!

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