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How To Survive Phase 2. AKA Vegan Week!

Okay, so Phase 1 is over, and now it’s on to Phase 2. No animal produce WHAT SO EVER! Yep! That means no meat, eggs, or dairy! It could seem a bit daunting to start off with, so I’ve tried to think of ‘panic’ situations in which you may come across throughout the week, with solutions to deal with it! Go on … Have a read … You never know, it could make you more prepared than ever!

Panic #1

What do I actually eat!?

Don’t stress! Have a look at our Phase 2 meal plans and recipes available to you if you’re a member of our Academy or our Online Nation Nutrition Programme! There’s loads to choose from and you know their ALL tried and tested on the yummy scale!

Panic #2

Worried about spending AGES at Sainsbury’s reading the ingredients of every item you buy? Why don’t you download an app!? ‘Is it Vegan?’ is a favourite of ours and will save you precious cooking-prep time!

Panic #3

Dinner with friends? And you suddenly notice that most places either only have one vegan option or none at all! Time to start Googling vegan menus…

Panic #4

All my expensive veg is going off too quickly!? Well don’t let it! Stock your freezer with nutritious and easy veggies so that you don’t waste your fresh groceries

Panic #5


You’re doing pretty well with this vegan marlarky, but what if every meal becomes the same meal? Why don’t you treat yourself to a vegan recipe book? Our fav is Vegan in 7, by Rita Serano.

Panic #6

F**k! Post workout porridge is NOTHING without the Honey! What now!? Try a blob of Almond butter on the top and mix it in! YUMMY!

Panic #7

After all this reading, you’re worried about not getting enough B12 in your diet as it’s only ‘appears’ in meat! Complete B.S! If you’re vegan diet is varied with plant fat (nuts and seeds) you’re doing well! Even in your Rude Health Almond Milk!

Panic #8

Why can’t I sleep?? Surely Veganism can’t be good for you if you can’t sleep? Well, actually it is, however removing meat produce form your diet can actually cause you to have a sudden increase in energy. Like anything, your body adjusts over time and you’ll find that you do sleep better in the long run!

Panic #9

Don’t be fooled! Just because you’ve found out that Oreos and ALL types of pringles (even the meat flavoured ones!) are Vegan – doesn’t mean they’re Phase 2 friendly and Rev-approved! Try baking some kale with a sprinkle of salt and pepper for a savoury snack!

Panic #10

You’re missing that scrambled egg with chives, topped off with smokes salmon! How do you get over this? We’ll let you in to an amazing secret of ours! Download an app called ‘gonutss’! Its basically a Vegan translator that gives you alternatives for you old time fav’s! .

Panic #11

You’ll get friends and family ask why you’re being a Vegan and that it’s surely ‘not good for you’ bla bla bla … and when you then go on to explain your reasons, you just wait for the eyerolls and facial expressions that suggest that you brought it up! Well, just explain your point of view and why you’re doing it, and if they’re not interested just move on and let it go!

Panic #12

Okay, so you’re realising that being Vegan is proving out more expensive than your previous diet, even though you’re not spending a fortune on meat. Why is this? Well actually, a kg of chicken is way more expensive than a kg of kidney beans, but as you become more conscious on the diet itself, you find that you start to spend a little more on what you pick up, such as going organic or shopping at Framers markets for a better quality of produce. But at the end of the day, can you put a price on your health? I don’t think so …

Panic #13

Instagram what? Did someone say Veganstagram? Follow, and Veganism has well and truly taken over your feed, with every day you’re being treated to the most delicious, mouth-watering pictures of things you can sink your teeth into. Well don’t just make yourself hungry over them! Get the ingredients and try it!

Panic #14

Panic is setting in about whether or not you’re ‘doing it right’. Should I feel more energetic by now? When will my craving for cheese and meat subside? Relax! There’s no such thing as ‘doing it right’, just do your best to make dietary decisions that eliminate animal products. Some people boast of all the health benefits kicking in pretty much instantly, but it’s not the case for everyone. Unwind and ease up! You’re doing great.

Panic #15

Ooops! You’ve noticed some severe changes going on with that gut of yours, and it’s going from one extreme to the other. Is this normal? Absolutely! Don’t worry! When you make a big change to your diet, it’s not unusual for your toilet habits to also suffer a drastic shake up. Switch to a Vegan diet, some may suffer from constipation, while others admit they are making trips to the toilet a lot more often than normal, but once your body becomes accustomed to the changes it should all even out! J


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