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How to Overcome ‘Food Bullies’

So this week’s blog may be short, but it’s most defiantly sweet! It’s a tad different from what I usually write, but something that we’ve all experienced at least once, and something that may help you along with your journey.

So let’s crack on with it …

If would be so much easier if everyone was renewing their health and lifestyle and making sure everything that is out in front of you is clean and nutritious. But unfortunately, that isn’t the case as we’re all too aware. “A little cake won’t hurt,” or “don’t be such a party pooper,” can demean your efforts and can discourage your good intentions. Whether they’re size 8 or 28, lean, a bit squidgy or ‘skinny’, these friends or family members may feel vulnerable by your efforts and unintentionally attempt to disrupt healthy changes you’ve put in place. For the sake of this blog, let’s call them food-bullies.

So how do we cope with these food bullies when we start and endure our healthy change? Well firstly, ignoring friends and family, meals out, and socialising is NOT the way to get around it! The real answer is to be confident within yourself and your goals in which you wish to achieve by setting personal boundaries which are clear, yet balanced. Establishing these healthy boundaries will then help motivate you to make healthy choices, feel respected and understood from those surrounding you. If these aren’t set in place, that’s when we can become anxious with fear of rejection or abandonment if we’re not ‘following the crowd’ as it were. Once you become consistent, the people in your life will be used to you being a certain way. Yet when you’ve made this change, you may then encounter some resistance which is when it is important to continue to stick to your set boundaries – even when they’re already embedded within your new healthy lifestyle.

Here’s a few ‘Rev-Approved’ boundaries that may help you along with your journey ..

  • Communication:

Take the time the tell family and friends that you’re changing old habits to new healthy ones. Tell them why you’re doing it, and ask them for their support and understanding during your transition as this will be the time where you need it most.

  • Set Physical Boundaries:

If your family or housemates are unwilling to change their eating habits, be strong and insist on a separate kitchen space especially for you – whether it’s a freezer drawer, a shelf in the fridge or a certain part of the kitchen counter. ‘Out of sight is out of mind’ as they say.

  • Consistency:

Remember, YOU set the level for your new lifestyle. If you’re wishy-washy about it and aren’t really consistent, then people won’t take you seriously in the future.

And for all you Revolution Members; just remember – whenever your struggling call or text your Coach! That’s what we’re here for helping you push through a momentary ‘blip’.

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