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‘I’m Bored! … Pass Me The Pack of Hobnobs!’

It used to just be ‘Elevensies’, but now it’s turned to on the hour, every hour snacking! Sometimes you don’t even know you’re doing it, maybe you’re not even hungry and are just snacking because the kids are or even your colleagues next to you? It’s time to regain control back into this snacking malarky, and Rev shows you exactly how …

Whether it’s Carrot Sticks or a king size Double Decker bar, frequent snacking can prevent you to gain the results you want! The question you need to ask yourself when we reach for that fridge door at 11am is; “Am I actually Hungry!?” Why? Because it’s statistically shown that 62% of snacking is done to satisfy a craving, 25% is due to boredom and the other 16% is put down to stress. Wowza! So, if your stomach doesn’t rumble – Don’t bother! You’re not hungry and you don’t need it! If you’re lucky enough to have a mid-morning break, it’s not an excuse to eat! Instead, use it to go outside for a walk, read a book or if you’re anything like me; clean out that desk drawer that has accumulated with junk over the year!

Dr Susan Roberts, a Professor of Nutrition at Tufts University, explains in her own words that “We’re biologically wired to eat food as soon as we see it.” I, for one, know how true this is. I always have a ‘snackpot’ of nuts in my car just in case of emergencies, however, I lose count of how often I replace it every week. Just like one of our AP’s favourite sayings; ‘Out of Sight, Out of Mind.’

 If you fuel your body with enough nutrients within each meal, there’s no need for snacking what so ever, as the main objective of a ‘snack’ is to supply energy for your body until your next meal. But think back to when we were all Cavemen; there were no unlimited supply of ‘Deliciously Ella’ protein balls then! One hunt fuelled us to we achieved another, allowing our bodies to efficiently use fat and carbohydrate stores and therefore keeping us lean, healthy and by far addicted to food!

So, there you have it, Rev’s reasons why NOT to Snack and how to steer away from temptation!




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