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Is Your Metabolism Out of Whack!?

Metabolism. The key to success. Why? Well it’s primary function is to convert the food you eat into energy. We all take it for granted, especially over the festive period, but it’s sad to say that it is trie that as we get older our metabolism decreases, increasing the percentage of weight gain during those ‘enjoyable’ and social moments involved around food making it so much harder to maintain weight or weight loss. However, if you feel that you’re not at that point just yet, and have suddenly experienced sudden changes, it may mean that something’s not quite right with our trusty metabolism. Let’s find out what ..

Tiredness ALL The Time:

Of course, a lack of sleep due to a screaming baby, or even a hectic day topped off with a ‘Trickey-Special’ session in the evening can you make you a tad more tired than usual, but other than the obvious, something maybe up. Lisa Moskovitz, R.D and CEO of the NY Nutrition Group, explains that if you’re experiencing extreme tiredness without doing much but your usual daily routine, it could be a sign that your metabolism is slower and ‘sluggish’ compared to normal and isn’t converting the food intake into energy quickly enough.

Your Skin and Hair Have Turned Dry

When your metabolism is out of it’s usual routine, your body doesn’t turn over cells as quickly as it should to maintain your skin and hair. This as well, relates to poor nutrition.

Sudden Cravings For Sugar and Starchy Foods

As a previous blog has touched on it before, cravings are often your body’s way of asking for an energy pick-me-up. However, if you think you’re eating a well-balanced diet and sleeping at least 8 hours per night, but still have really intense cravings, it could be that your metabolism isn’t effectively converting the foods you’ve already eaten into the energy your body needs.

Weight Gain

Again, as I’ve already mentioned, it’s normal for it to be a little harder for you to maintain a good weight with age. However, if you’re eating well, exercising regularly and consuming correct portion sizes, but still gaining weight, it’s worth digging a bit deeper into our metabolism.

You’re Constantly Cold:

Your metabolism also helps generate heat, but if it’s slow, you might become extra chilly. As a result, you may find yourself layering up and throwing extra blankets on your bed.

Cue The Moody-ness!

This isn’t necessarily caused directly by a slower-than-usual metabolism, but feeling tired when your metabolism isn’t up to par can make you feel rundown—and that can make you moody.

In conclusion, if you suspect that your metabolism is out of whack, don’t just use that excuse! Revolution’s Phase-by Phase Re-Boot can re-kick your metabolism into a more efficient fat burning tool. Remember, use your individual Support Coach for advice, motivation and help!










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