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Lower Back Pain


By Adam White.

Lower back pain is something you’ve all come across; whether it’s you yourself or someone you know that has suffered with it. Lower back complaints are very popular and something that we as coaches regularly see, but why? Well as you know the spine plays a major role in our day-to-day life whether it’s just sitting at a desk or carrying shopping bags, so the reasons can be vast and vary;

  • Sprains or strains caused by overstretching or lifting incorrectly
  • Herniated or ruptured discs
  • Skeletal irregularities for example scoliosis’s or kyphosis
  • Serious trauma for example a car accident
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity

However, a lot of lower back pain is at the less serious end and is in actual fact caused because of the way we live our lives. The majority of people these days sit down all day in an office working hard before driving home to then sit in front of the TV….. The result? We spend too much time sitting down; causing inactivity of our gluteal and core muscles increasing the pressure upon our spine.

This massive lack of activity has meant that as a population our bodies are adapting to what we are doing. Muscles become weaker and therefore don’t protect what they are supposed to (in this case the spine), and our posture becomes worse because the muscles aren’t strong enough to hold the skeleton in the right position; causing pain due to the amount of pressure being placed on the lumbar portion of the spine. Lack of activity as we all know also leads to us gaining weight especially around the mid-section. This then causes even more pressure to the lumbar vertebrae …… It’s not looking too good is it?

So how can we rectify this? Simple. STRENGTHENING. If the cause of the lower back pain isn’t structural,. then we can easily resolve the pain by strengthening the muscles and improving our posture. The best and most effective way to do this is through exercise. However, It is very important that any movements are carried out in a controlled way with correct form so that no further damage is caused. Squats, deadlifts, prone planks and even simple postural exercises all executed accurately, are effective in strengthening the lower back and our posterior chain to give the spine the support it needs to maintain the skeleton’s neutral alignment.

So there you have it – Back pain in a nutshell. Some simple points and practises for you to consider making it a thing of the past. Concentrate on your technique and form for a pain free future …

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