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Never Mind the Avo Stone. Make Way For The Banana Peel!

Yes. You heard me! Apparently, the skin of a Banana is the new Superfood! Why? Well, it’s packed full of antioxidants like Vitamin A, Lutein and B Vitamins which keep our metabolism revved-up to the MAX! Even the Fibre content is more than the Banana itself; keeping us satisfied until dinner time!

We’re obviously way behind the times in comparison than the Caribbean. Here’s us throwing away the skin without a blink of the eye, whereas it’s being used to transform dishes on the other side of the country! Did you know that green peels from Banana’s are full of probiotics and rich in resistant starch, which is also known as the “calorie-free carb” that our bodies can’t digest, and has shown to initiate fat-burning in some recent studies?

So, what else does the Banana Peel potentially have to offer? Well, if you’re someone that can easily allow things to get on top of you, eating a green Banana skin is shown to work just as well as Prozac! The green peels are high in Tryptophan, Serotonin, and Dopamine, so much so that eating two peels a day for three days could raise levels of these feel-good chemicals in your brain by 15%, according to the study; ‘Traditional and Medicinal Uses of Banana’ by K.P Sampath Kumar et al. But what about the yellow skins? Surely, we can’t put those in Banana Bread Recipe? Unfortunately, No, and although they have fewer micronutrients, they do have anti-cancer qualities that aren’t found when they were green, not to mention aiding the production of those sought after white blood cells!

Have I sucked you in to eating a Banana Skin as a part of your next meal or snack yet? If so, before you chump down on that ‘uninviting’ green peel, let me give you some ideas on how to eat them ..

First thing’s first. Treat green and yellow peels as two different ingredients. Green skins are starchier than yellow ones and are similar to sautéed green peppers in appearance and texture when cooked. They’ll take on whatever flavours of the ingredients they’re prepared with and work well in savoury dishes, although the peels do have to be cooked.

Yellow skins, however, don’t have to be cooked, and give off a more traditional banana flavour. This allows them to be better suited to sweeter uses like blending into smoothies or making tea. (Lesley an ingredient you can use for tomorrow morning’s smoothie!)

So, there you have it. Tasking Waste Not – Want Not to another level!

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