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New Year, New YOU!… If You Can Be Bothered!

We’ve either lived in sweatpants and hoodies or Pj’s all Christmas, and now that it’s back to routine we better start thinking about getting back into the swing of that so called ‘exercise marlarky’, as at the moment; anything seems more appealing than braving tight lycra – even if you did get a pair of the snazziest leggings for Christmas.But having two or so weeks off, it may be harder than we originally thought it would to get motivated. We always feel better after a good workout, so what can we do to make sure that we actually there!? Revolution Fitness spills three of their tricks…

Workout Buddies

The great thing about Rev!? The people. You NEVER feel as though you’re training alone, and therefore will always have someone to endure and share those ‘before / during and after’ workout emotions – even a couple of hours after with our online VIP member group. But what if Rev isn’t in your life and the long working hours means you’re often lacking the energy to train by yourself!? Grab a friend and make a gym date! Working out with somebody else makes exercise enjoyable, competitive and plus – it’s great seeing each other’s results!

Choose Your Playlist Wisely

Now this comes down to personal taste, but scientists at Brunel University in the UK, a world-leading research hub on music for athleticism, found that music can reduce your rate of perceived effort by 12% and improve your endurance by 15%. And I know for sure that 0630am Rev Classes start the buzz off from AP’s favourite song; ACDC – Back in Black!

Trick Yourself!

When you’re really lacking gym motivation, make sure you book your Rev Sessions ahead or even just chuck on your gym gear early and have a flick through of your ‘body inspirations’. This should give you a buzz to get yourself going. OR, trick yourself by saying you’re only going to go to ‘move’ in your booked Rev.Session or if again, Revolution Fitness isn’t in your life just yet, say you’ll pop to the gym for 5 minutes and chances are once you are there, you’ll do a whole session! BONUS!

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